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OPENFIELD Hunting Knife Review

Easily a collection favorite the OPENFIELD hunting and survival knife from HYDRA is quite a knife. Even just looking at the knife you can tell straight away that this is really an upper echelon hunting knife and of course looks are not the be all and end all however in my book it sure doesn't hurt. So aside from the obvious aesthetic and for those of you who have never drooled over a lime green liner,  lets get into just what makes this knife so good.   Pedigree:   There are many many knife manufacturers to whom its simply make as cheap as possible and sell as high as possible, often times you are invariably paying just for a brand name as opposed to any inherent qualities of design and material. Of course there are are a few to whom the finished knife must be the best of the best in every single detail, these makers and their knives become legend, HYDRA very much walk this path, in fact you could say they are leading the   way. From design, material and some of the most intense real world testing in the design faze coupled with the absolute passion to be the best bar none this is what gives this knife its pedigree.   The steel:   There is a reason why a Porsche costs more than a golf, the most advance materials versus industry standard materials would be one reason. So with this Openfield knife you get Niolox SB1 Cryogenic Stainless Steel, Niolox is one of the top choices for hunting knives needing all the characteristics of a stainless steel but with the properties of a tool steel. Niolox is a stain resistant tool with excellent edge holding and toughness. Niolox contains Niobium an excellent carbide former. Niolox has a typical work hardness range 58 - 63HRc. Niolox is a very fine grained steel wich aides it's edge stability but maintains D2 like wear resistance.   Cryogenic treatment is a metal treatment that strengthens and enhances the mechanical characteristics of metal materials by using cryogenic temperatures. Subjecting work pieces to temperatures below -190°C improves properties like wear resistance and stabilization.The blade:   Full tang of course which is to be expected in this price bracket, a hardness of 60-62 HRc means there is nothing on your hunting trip that this knife cannot handle. Exposed blade length 125mm with a blade thickness of 5.2mm and a width of 32mm gives a very sturdy blade that is adept in a variety of environments. A hollow grind, satin finish and 115mm of cutting edge with thumb jimping on the spine and a rear glass breaker pommel giving the knife a truly superior blade.   The handle:   Carved from Jute Micarta, Micarta is a composite material, historically used as an electrical insulator. For several years it has been used in knife production for its very interesting mechanical properties. Low density, high strength and ease of use. Micarta can be shaped, sanded and drilled like wood but is impervious to the elements and makes for a strong, clean looking handle. The handle scales are attached to the blade by way of 3 Hex Stainless Steel bolts, with a green Micarta liner sandwiched in between.   In conclusion, a truly fabulous knife, with a top notch Kydex sheath and presented in a very high end box, and of course HYDRA stand over their work and as such provide a lifetime manufacturers warranty, so if its a proper knife for a lifetime that looks as good as it works because make no mistake this is a working tool first and foremost then this is the knife for you.

J&V Knives review

Who are J&V Knives?, While some of you will know first hand the brand J&V Knives others may not be quite as familiar with one of the powerhouses of Spanish knife manufacturing for the last 70 plus years, so a little background. J&V Knives your adventure begins here. Under the umbrella of the manufacturer  Forester one of the most prestigious national and international factories is where you will find the J&V Knives brand. So what makes J&V stand out?, from what can be at times a quite similar style prevalent in Spanish manufacturing, a quick look though their product catalog gives the first indication, a vastly differing style of knife design, knives built first and foremost as a tool for a specific job often in full collaboration with survival and bush craft experts, working hunters along with military special forces and police, forestry groups and rescue survival groups. Combining over 70 years of knife crafting experience with the most modern of production techniques such as cryogenic tempering, luminescent materials for the handle with custom designs from G-10, driven by a deep understanding of what is needed from a hunting knife, a survival knife, a bush craft knife hence the many collaborations with niche specialists. Currently headed by Juan Martinez a fully licensed cutlery artisan, a true award winning artisan with over 20 awards to-date. Among the best known J&V knives are knives like Axarquia, Hispanus, Gladius or Saurius, but above all these the Celtibero stands outs (named the best survival knife by the specialized press back in 2010) All these designs have been born from the minds of the talented crew of J&V and the exceptional collaboration with some of the best cutlery designers in the world. Most of the J&V knives are made with steel MV-58, tempered with a special heat treatment that gives the optimum hardness of 58 HRc. Nevertheless, J&V also make their knives in other high quality steels such as Böhler N690Co, 1095, Sandvick 12c27, etc. J&V Adventure Knives has become one of the truly global powerhouses of knife production, highly valued by both retailers and users. J&V is very much to the forefront of global knife trends.   From J&V Knives themselves, " PREMIUM QUALITY: Our quality stands above everything, we do not stop until we reach the optimal result in our products. These quality standards can be also applied in terms of service, technical support and expert advice to every one of our clients. HARD WORKING: We work hard, every day to keep improving our products offering our clients our absolute best in all aspects of knife production right through to you the end user. DETAIL-ORIENTED: The success is the sum of many small efforts. We are aware of every tiny detail during the production process, we know what works and what does not, our products have been manufactured paying very close attention to every single detail. SPECIALIZED CREW: This won’t be possible without the collaboration of our talented crew, our professional team of designers and knife production specialists complements with a skilled crew of, influencers, reviewers, photographers, etc. TRUSTWORTHY: Our clients are our best friends and as such our client support is second to none, our dedicated employees are always happy to assist you with their know-how and experience in order to advise you. Now, some of our products features: ARTISAN HANDMADE All our products are handmade by our expert craftsmen to the highest standard of artisanal work. More than 80% of the process  is handmade, making our knives a truly handcrafted knife. HEAT TREATING Among our heat treatments you can find some of the latest innovations such as a vacuum treatment, salt treatment, oil tempering or even cryogenic treatment. We are always improving our materials and our crew is always digging on the cutlery world to find the best treatment to ensure always the maximum quality. DIFFERENT STEEL TYPES Our products are manufactured using topnotch steels such as MV-58, a special steel only used by us. With a special heat treatment that ensures our products always have 58 HRc, the optimal hardness to endure every task. On our steel catalogue you can find some other like 1095 Carbon steel, Sandvick 12c27, Böhler N690Co, etc. OUR MATERIALS Our handles are made using a wide range of materials, we can even customize our designs with a material used on another of our products. Our most common materials include natural materials such as woods (cocobolo wood, walnut wood, curly birch wood, olive wood, etc.) and different horns and stags (bullhorn, ram horn, deer stag antler, etc.) Among the synthetic materials we use a wide range of micartas, G-10, juma®, etc. All of them can be customized with exclusive patterns and designs. Some of our process like laser cutting, CNC grinding and milling, etc. are made by machinery, however, most of our products are finished by our expert workers, that means more than 80% of the process of making our knives is handmade. That means we pay attention to every little tiny detail on our products since it is made by us, and not a machine, assuring we offer the maximum quality to our clients. That’s why several well-known company from Germany and the US choose us to make their knives, they know no one else can compete with us on manufacturing their products at the required price with such a good quality. We have been manufacturing knives and folding knives for almost every one of the biggest cutlery brands worldwide for more than 20 years, we have a vast experience on custom designing, private labeling and generic branding".

Joker Nomad Hunting & Survival Knife Reviewed.

Joker Nomad hunting & Survival knife reviewed. Hands down some of the finest handcrafted hunting knives and survival knives around at the this price bracket. All full tang of course. The Nomad comes in 3 different handle styles, two Micarta and one walnut. With two sheath options, both high end full grain leather sheaths, option 1 standard leather sheath, option 2 leather sheath with a firesteel. Both options come with 2 meters of paracord. The walnut used is a fabulous Turkish Walnut which gives that timeless classic look which will easily last many many years. The Micarta handles add a great natural feel and grip to the knife. A beautifully balanced and weighted knife putting it more in the survival knives / hunting knives bracket more so than a bushcraft knife. The jimping is a great touch for that extra grip. The blade is made from Stainless Steel: Böhler N695 which is an improved 440C stainless steel, BOHLER N695 is a conventionally produced Chromium stainless steel with high hardness, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance in the hardened and tempered condition. Blade length is 12.7cm / 5inches / 127mm, Blade width is 3.4cm, Blade thickness is 5mm. A handcrafted survival knife designed by hunters for hunters in the great artisanal knife tradition of Albacete Spain, combining the great traditions and skills learned over many generation's of knife making with the latest in cutting edge hunting knife production techniques. Truly an exceptional knife fully backed up by a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Not just a hunting and survival knife for a year or two but a beautifully crafted knife that will last a lifetime with the proper care.

What makes a good survival knife?.

Your spending time in the wild so a good survival knife is an essential bit of kit, a knife which is as adept as a hunting knife as it is a survival knife. So survival knife / bush craft knife what if any is the difference?, while many knives are basically both, personally i always view a survival knife as a heavier more robust knife than a bushcrafter. Some things to consider is the knife versatile enough?, practical?, what are you going to be using it for?. While you could subset the survival knife into various differing environments we will stick with the general all round principles.   Tang: No ifs or buts here, the knife must be full tang ,the knife blade and handle tang are formed from a single piece of steel, if you are unsure about what this means let me explain, a full tang knife ( the tang is the part of the blade where the handle scales are attached) this will be at least the same size as the handle, you will see on the knife that the tang is visible all the way to the end of the handle. This is essential for heavy chopping etc and gives you a knife that with proper care will last a life time,   Blade material: While there are a dizzying array of steels to had out there on any given knife, some steels by their nature are more suited to a survival knife, two schools of thought here, on one hand you have carbon steel, which is cheaper than stainless steel but with a much higher level of blade maintenance required as it will not be as corrosion resistant as a stainless steel, while on the other hand you have stainless steel which as the name says { though i would caveat that with any steel will eventually corrode if left  exposed to the elements for long enough) while more expensive is much more resistant to corrosion.   Blade size: Length wise 4-6 inches is an ideal size, too long of a blade general over complicates any of the tasks you'll likely be putting the knife to. Blade thickness which is important when you need a robust tool in the field should be around 5mm to 6mm or in old money 3/16 of an inch to 1/4 of an inch.   The grind: Typically you will find either a scandi or flat grind on your survival knife and indeed your bushcraft knife, there's a good reason for this, they are very easy to sharpen when your deep in the bush.   Some other features to note, jimping (notches on the spine of the blade near the handle) is used to prevent your fingers from sliding when using the knife. Lanyard hole, ( that hole your looking at in the rear of the knife handle) basically a security measure, the lanyard cord that likely came with your survival knife loops through here and around your wrist so if the knife does slip from your hand it is retained by the cord.

Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel, a review.

Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel, a review.   You have likely seen this type of stainless steel on many high end bushcraft knives and hunting knives, so what makes it special?.   One could say it is the perfect stainless steel for knife production, this particular grade of stainless steel enables the steel to reach the highest possible hardness without compromising the micro-structure integrity.   Edging:   Edge retention is excellent and re edging is done simply and quickly, resistance to micro chipping is also excellent. Very high corrosion resistance properties mean this stainless steel is as at home out in the wilds on your hunting / camping trip as it is in a steamy professional kitchen. If edge retention is a key factor for you in your knife purchase then Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel will prove to be an excellent choice.   So where does it come from?:   Its produced by Sandvik, a company which was founded in 1862, they were the first in the world to succeed in using the Bessemer method for steel production on an industrial scale. At an early stage, operations focused on high quality and added value, investments in R&D, close contact with customers, and exports.   From the horses mouth:   Sandvik 14C28N® is a martensitic stainless chromium steel with a chemistry optimized for high quality professional knife applications. The chemical composition provides a unique combination of properties including: Excellent edge performance Very high hardness Good corrosion resistance Sandvik 14C28N® is mainly recommended for knife applications which put very high demands on edge sharpness, edge stability and corrosion resistance. Examples are pocket knives, chefs knives, hunting knives and fishing knives.

Knife Grinds Explained

An often overlooked element of a knife design when making a purchase are the various knife grinds to be found on a given blade, while a knife is basically a handle and blade the grind refers to the shape of the cross section of the blade, with the grind you have on your knife changing the entire dynamic of your blade and as such your knife.   The current grinds used on blades today are the result of the tried and true testing of grinds over many hundreds of years. While differing grinds all having their strengths and weaknesses its worth noting that the width of the blade stock and the grind angles will affect the blade more than the type of grind used. Hunting knives from Knives Ireland.   Hollow Grind:   A hollow grind is a popular grind for knife blades this grind offers excellent cutting properties mostly used for hunting and outdoor knives as well as kitchen knives. A hollow grind is made by applying the blade blank to a grinding wheel which takes a concave portion out of the blade blank.   Flat Grind:   A flat grind blade is the simplest of all grinds, the flat grind is tapered to the edge of the blade blank from the spine on either side which gives an extremely sharp edge though not as durable as other grinds, you will see this grind on a lot of chefs knives.   Sabre Grind:   A Sabre grind blade is typically placed at varying points between the Flat grind and the Scandi grind, there is a distinct point where the grind begins on the blade blank which will be further away from the blades cutting edge, often seen on hunting knives.   Chisel Grind:   Simply put a Chisel grind is only edged on one side of the blade, the opposing side is flat all the way to the cutting edge of the blade.   Convex Grind:   A blade with a Convex grind is generally considered superior to other grinds due to minimal cutting drag and a longer lasting edge, the slightly rounded tapering to the finest point of the blades cutting edge gives it a supreme cutting edge.   Scandi Grind:   Often to be found on quality Bushcraft knives as this is the ideal grind for such a blade, the Scandi grind goes right to the edge of the blade blank with a flat section that begins at the top of the bevel with no change in angle.

Joker knives Ireland, a review

OK with Joker Knives being one of my all time favorite makers of hunting knives i have been looking forward to writing this review for some time.   So why a favorite you might ask, well first and foremost Joker is the quintessential Spanish hand crafted knife from the world famous knife making region of Albacete, the attention to detail on every knife, the clever use of various high end steels to deliver the right knife for a given job coupled with the knife finishing gives a truly exceptional knife at an excellent value for money price.   We will dig deeper into a couple of Joker knife models below to show you exactly what i mean.   But first a little background on Joker knives:     Joker Sporting Knives are craftsmen, manufacturers of Sporting Cutlery.   They produce a wide selection of fixed blade knives such as hunting knives, Bowie knives, sporting knives, tactical knives, rescue knives, hand carved knives, classic knives, hunting axes, viking knives, Arabic knives, and of course folding knives, pocket knives, bush craft knives, survival knives and sporting cutlery in general, for any given hunting, outdoor or sporting experience Joker has a knife for it.   Joker outdoor Knives:   The Joker Brand of knives is a world-renowned Spanish company from the town of Albacete.   Stemming from an area well known for exceptional craftsmen and master cutlers, Joker meticulously fabricates each knife by hand.   Since its foundation in 1987, Joker Knives has always sought to join traditional hand-craftsmanship with the most modern technologies into every one of its products.   Joker blades are hardened to a point that is easy to sharpen but still maintain a good edge after extended use.   Joker continues the proud traditions of Spain's cutlery makers with some of the finest edged tools available, as well as having one of the largest ranges of edge cutlery on the planet.   So at the beginning of this article i made quite the statement as to the exceptional quality of Joker handcrafted knives with the finest materials for very reasonable prices lets now show you the proof.   We will look at 3 knives from Joker, we will look at a Bowie knife, that superb all rounder and a long collecting passion of mine, we will then go to a hunting knife which can very much in this case also be called a survival knife and finally we will look at a bush craft knife.   First up the Joker Bowie 25 stag horn crown:   Lets look at the blade first before we get to that beautiful handle, the blade which is the classic Bowie clip point shape is a whopping 25cm or 9.8inches in length giving the knife a total length of just over 16 inches. The blade is made from Stainless Steel MOVA 1.4116 a steel which is known for being easy to sharpen to a scalpel like edge, with a stainless steel cross guard, a blade thickness of 5mm and width of 5cm and a Hardness: 55-57 HRC.The handle made from stag horn is 16cm in length, now those are the specs and very good indeed however this is a knife that needs to be handled to truly appreciate its beauty, the natural grip of the stag horn, the perfectly weighted feel in the hand, then you can begin to appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship of this hand crafted Bowie knife and here is the thing, all this and by all this i mean a Bowie knife handcrafted from the finest materials by master craftsmen in one of the most renowned knife producing areas in the world for less than 130 Euro, now maybe your getting a feeling of why Joker knives are a firm favorite of mine and indeed the clever purchase of many around the world.   OK a 16 inch Bowie is not for everyone and indeed can be too much knife for other hunting jobs, so we get to our next model.   Joker GAMO hunting knife:   While the Bowie above is the classic large hunting knife all rounder, the GAMO hunting knife from Joker is the classic mid sized all rounder hunting knife. It is a full tang knife some 10.6 inches in total length with a blade size of 6.1 inches, the blade made from Mova 1.4116 stainless steel with a width of 3.2 cm and a thickness of 3.7 mm, classic drop point shaped blade. The handle is made from red stamina wood. The GAMO hunting knife from Joker is as adept on a hunting trip as it is camping, hiking, bush craft etc.   So again we have a hand crafted hunting knife with the clever use of Mova 1.4116 stainless steel making it a perfect survival knife for under 65 Euro, that's about as good a value knife as you can get.   But we are not finished yet we have done a large knife and a mid sized knife, now we will finish with a small knife, the ever popular Arrui bush craft knife from Joker now while these come in 3 sizes we will focus on the number 9, the smallest in the series.   Joker Arrui 9 bush craft knife:   The Joker Arrui 9 knife is a stylish multipurpose bush craft blade, as well suited for skinning tasks as it is to other in the field jobs. Full tang handcrafted knife from Joker. The blade is 3mm thick and 10cm in length.The steel used is a high carbon, stainless steel 420. The handle is made from traditional Olive wood. The sheath is hand made from high quality genuine leather. ( all Joker fixed blade knives come with handmade leather sheaths as standard).   So here we have a handcrafted knife, high carbon 420 steel and olive wood handle from one of the finest knife makers in the world for less than 35 Euro.   Finally with Joker knives from Knives Ireland you always get a fine hand crafted knife at a price that is very very reasonable, so whats not to like, the knives sit as stars of any collection while being excellent tools of the trade, as always thanks for reading and feel free to share.  

Cudeman hunting knives

Spain is not only famous for its culinary art but manufacturing some of the finest knives in the world too. One of their most renowned knife manufacturers is Cudeman. They have been operating in the business since 1988 and deliver some of the best quality hunting knives on the market, with satin finished hollow grind blades as standard. Cudeman hunting knives and pocket-knives are distributed worldwide through various platforms. They display a range of knives and blades that are known for not just their performance but also their design and technology. Cudeman knives on Knives Ireland. History of Cudeman The headquarters of Cudeman are in Albacete. Knife making is a tradition of their native land Albacete with many artisan workshops in that region. Not every manufacturer could maintain the consistency of delivering high-quality desirable products, however Cudeman is one of the few that were able to make their mark globally. While other knife manufacturers failed to transition to global recognition Cudeman was able to win the hearts and minds of its customers by providing consistent state-of-the-art knives under their brand name. Wide selection of knives Cudeman offers a wide range of choices for knife lovers. Their categories include pocket-knives, hunting knives, daggers, Bowie knives , skinning, military knives, tactical knives, folding knives, and survival knives. Cudeman provides a premium quality sheath as standard on all its fixed blade models with Kydex and complete sheath kits being added extras. The handles are made of the finest quality wood and horn. Stamina and Micarta, natural olive tree wood and bull horn or deer stag. Traditional combined with modern technology – A perfect blend Cudeman are very particular about the raw material and technology they use in manufacturing their products. From the highest grade steels right through to the hand finished detailing, truly a knife for a lifetime of work. Their Bowie knives are incredibly famous among their customer base, the 107M a personal favorite. Not many providers have survived the competitive world of culinary art and craft throughout the world whereas Cudeman has thrived.